Cyber Security

Why Fugotek's Cyber Security?

Digital transformation, Virtual offices , Remote Teams and the ever-changing global regulatory environment are testing the limits of traditional security and introducing new risks. This increases complexity and cost of cybersecurity, effective solutions are out of reach, and integration can seem difficult.

In the face of these modern cybersecurity challenges, partner with a company like Fugotek helps protection delivered in a way that is simple, accessible, and fits your budget.

Unique Partnership – We practice a unique Partnership for Success paradigm, wherein we work as close with our clients to architect and implement world-class cutting-edge solutions to meet their unique objectives, thereby enabling our client to realize business advantages much before the competition.

Technology Driven– Businesses today need world class dynamic IT Infrastructure to reduce costs, enable growth, ensure scalability and mitigate risks. Fugotek helps clients plan, implement and manage an efficient, resilient, flexible IT infrastructure.

Partner of Choice– Over the years that Fugotek has been providing infrastructure services, first as a system integrator and then as a service provider, we have developed deep relationships with Infrastructure OEMs and service providers like Cisco, HP, Dell, Dlink, Microsoft, Citrix, Juniper, Checkpoint, VM Ware, Oracle-SUN, Blue Coat and Websense etc.

Complete IT Life Cycle Services – Fugotek is one of the few vendors that can provide clients with the full lifecycle of services in the IT Infrastructure space, to both transform their business and run their IT operations across technology platforms.

Strengthen your IT against Internal and External Threats

  • Infra Security Testing
  • Security Testing for SCADA, ICS and HMI systems
  • Application Security Testing
  • Red Team Exercises
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Automation

Cyber Security Values

Drive Maximum Value of your Data safety
Accelerate Insights, Increase Agility
Reduce Risk, Maintain Compliance

Our Cyber Security Services

  • Planning a production Release, Meeting a compliance requirement, Proving credibility to a customer, Validating integrity of Production systems, Anticipating heavy traffic to your server
  • Infrastructure security testing to validate your hardware and cloud assets.
  • Application security testing for your web and mobile applications.
  • Performance testing to provide confidence on application availability.
  • Prevented user escalation to admin roles, Secured a workplace credit application, Avoided Denial of Service on a citizen engagement portal.
  • Industrial automation systems that comprise control dashboards perform critical tasks on critical infrastructure. Integration of these systems with corporate networks using network protocols introduces security threats into the infrastructure.
  • Perform systemic assessments to detect and offset contextual security flaws brought about by unchecked exposure, obsolete operating systems, interconnectivity, complex structuralism and so on.